Fast Foods Can Be Harmful to Health

Fast Foods Can Be Harmful to Health

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Fast food & heart diseases

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Fast food relates to all the food that is most quickly accessible as well as rapidly cooked. It is also known as food which is not home-made, whether it is prepared and consumed on the road or even in a 5-Star hotel. Fast food is usually loaded with calories from refined sugar known as carbohydrates and fats including common salt and other sedatives which can be harmful to the human health.

Our bodies are powered by a major energy source known as carbohydrates. The basic unit of all carbohydrates is a substance called glucose. Some carbohydrates consist of long or complex chains of glucose units-these are called starches. Other carbohydrates contain very few glucose units- these are sugars.

Usually starches is obtained from plants like potatoes, grains, and beans, and sugars from foods such as honey, fruit, and milk, including from processed foods such as sweets, cakes, and biscuits. Glucose is formed by the breaking down of whatever type of carbohydrates the body consumes. Though carbohydrates should form a large part of our daily intake, we should obtain them from a huge variety of plant foods. This is the fuel that we burn to power the entire body from the muscles to the brain.

As a result, we should consume nutritious carbohydrates that are we must have a balance diet for each meal and if by mistake the amount of sugars level is high then we can confront to problems like obesity.

Heart disease occurs when fatty deposits or plagues, cling to the artery walls and can clog...

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