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Extra Recess

Hey! Do you want your students to have strong minds and bodies? Do you want them to have lasting relationships, be focused, and participate more? Then you should let us have an extra recess. 

Kids don’t have a lot of time to relax and play. I should know this because I have recess and when recess ends it feels like it just started. Kids need a chance to relax and play so they can unwind and forget about learning for a while. Kids should do this because they spend a long time working during the school day.

Fourth graders need to stay active and exercise. Kids need to do this to make their bodies healthier. Having an afternoon recess will help make our bodies fit and strong. We should make our bodies strong for any sports were doing or going to do such as soccer, football, basketball, or baseball. Kids are becoming obese because they don’t get a lot of exercise.

The teachers will also benefit too because they will get a longer break. Teachers can use the time to catch up on any work that they need to do. They can also talk and plan with other teachers from different grades if they need to. Teachers can also use the time to relax and sit down because they might be tired from teaching. Some teachers may also want to do an outdoor activity with their students to break up the day.

An extra recess will give kids more time to socialize with friends. Since we don’t have a lot of time to talk because we have classes, we can talk during recess. Kids will also get to talk to their friends longer. The kids not only can talk to their friends longer, but they can also talk to them about an emergency or something important. The kids can also talk about planning something like a party or buying a present for a teacher.

Last but certainly not least kids should get an extra recess because researchers say that when kids have more recess the kids will be more alert and focused in class. For example, kids will participate more in class discussions...

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