Faysal Bank

Faysal Bank

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Executive Summary
As we all know very well that time and tide wait for none. So, because of this rapid change in time and era we have to cope with it. During this era I got an opportunity of getting practical knowledge about the Banking system in Pakistan. So to quench the thirst of practical exposure and for getting the basic knowledge about Bank I joined UNITED BANK LIMITED Branch Rabwah. During six week in UBL I gather all necessary information about UBL.

Efforts have been made to compile this report in such a way that activates its salient features not only for students but also for the layman. I have divided this report into different parts such as introduction of banking system, history of United Bank, marketing, production and operations, human resource management, finance, conclusion and recommendations, learning as a student intern.

To be the bank of first choice with the highest ethical principles as our guiding force.

To excel in providing innovative, value based banking solutions to meet changing needs of customers and to strengthen the image of trust and reliability.

We open door to limitless possibilities for our stakeholders by providing banking solutions that deliver results through meticulous planning, focus on specific objectives, setting priorities right, and putting in place strategies and processes that help yield better growth with higher return.

Evaluation of Banking:
It has not so far been decided as to how the word ‘bank’ originated. Some authors opine that this word is derived from the word ‘bancues’ or ‘banque’ which mean a bench. The explanation of this origin is attributed to the fact that the Jews in Lombardy transacted the business of money exchange on benches in the market-place; nad hewn the business failed, the ‘banco’ was destroyed by the people incidentally the word ‘bankrupt’ is said to have been evolved from this practice th...

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