Mr. Salgado: Maria?
Maria: Yes, Mr. Salgado?
Mr. Salgado: Could you phone the shipping agents and find out when an order for some laptops is due to arrive. They should be here soon.
Maria: Yes, sir. What number is the order?
Mr. Salgado: It’s order number B/123/45/E. It’s for some laptops from Lenovo in Beiling, China.
Maria: Ah, yes. I remember it. It’s being handled by Lanka Shipping Services, isn’t it?
Mr. Salgado: Yes, that’s right.
Maria: And you want to know when the consignment will arrive in Colombo?
Mr. Salgado: Well, I really want to know when the consignment will be here at our warehouse. They’ll have to unload the sheep and clear the things through customs, before we can collect them.
Maria: Very well, Mr. Salgado. I’ll chase it up.

LSS Clerk: Good afternoon, LSS Ltd.
Miss Jayweera: Good afternoon. This is Miss Jayweera from Metropolitan Agencies here. I’d like to know when an order you are handling for us will arrive. It’s our reference B/123/45/E and It was placed on 30th March.
LSS Clerk: Just a minute. Ah, yes. The consignment left Beijing two weeks ago.
Miss Jayweera: So when will it arrive in Colombo?
LSS Clerk: Let me see. It’s Monday 18th July today, and it left on the 4th. So it should be here at the end of this week.
Miss Jayweera: Friday?
LSS Clerk: Say Saturday, to be safe.
Miss Jayweera: And when can we collect the order?
LSS Clerk: Give us a ring on Tuesday morning. It should be ready by then.
Miss Jayweera: Thank you. Goodbye.
LSS Clerk: Goodbye.

Polytechnical Institute,
Waidya Road,

12th March 2016
Metropolitan Agencies Ltd,
12 Sea View Road,
Colombo 7
Dear Sir,
We should like to place an order with you for the following item from your catalogue:
42 x Lenovo Laptops (cat. no. LT/952/Oli)
The price quoted in your catalogue is Rs 2800 per item. In view of the size of the order, we feel that a reasonable discount...