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R M How to create .map les
Arvid Halma University of Amsterdam augustus

is document brie y explains the le format of maps for RoboMind , so you are able to create or modify them yourself.

File format
e .map le format is simply an ASCII le with a strange extension. erefore they can be opened with a plain text editor like Notepad or Wordpad. e le contains a description of the world as if it were a jigsaw puzzle. Every piece is called a tile. ey are all of equal size and they can all be placed next to eachother. Every tile has its own symbol in a .map le. Along with the tiles, you are able to create paint strokes by writing down every stroke’s coordinates in a list. ose will then be displayed correctly by RoboMind in the map. It is allowed to use comment lines in the le. Such a line starts with and can be used to write down remarks for other users. ey won’t have any e ect on the world.

An example of a map is listed below: At line comments before are ignored.
see: http://www.robomind.net

the actual map de nition starts; the


# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

Map file for RoboMind www.robomind.net (Lines that start with ’#’ are comments) The tiles A..Z @ * are: Tiles A through Z Start Beacon

Paint strokes kan be added in the according list by adding tuples of the form: ([color],[type],[x],[y]) [color] : [type] : w = white b = black . = single dot - = horizontal stroke to the right | = vertical stroke down integer horizontal position integer vertical position

[x] [y]

: :

paint: {(w,-,2,2),(b,.,2,3)} map: AAAAAAAAAAA A A A A @ A A CD A A CKLHD A A BFJNI A A BFE A A * A AAAAAAAAAAA



is would result in the following map:

e tiles
e map is de ned by any number of lines starting from the next line of the map: identi er. In the example this is line . Tiles are represented with capitals. Currently the following tiles exist:

Spaces correspond with an empty space in the eld. Also...