Fear in the Crucible

Fear in the Crucible

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Brett Koliani

Mrs. Henion

English II Honors


The Outcome of Fear

Fear plays a major role in how an individual decides to live there own life. They can choose to live in the suburbs because they don’t like the city life. They are scared of the city life due to the increasing numbers in crime that is occurring and are terrified to hear gun shots every morning. That is something new to them that they don’t want to deal with, so they do whatever they can to prevent it. It would be something new to there life style in which they would have to adapt to, which would create change. This has happened for as long as mankind has been around. Many people are afraid of things that have not yet tried or have been adapted to. When something different arises in there life people tend to question and think differently of other people and of their own societies. In the play the “Crucible”, by Arthur Miller, fear creates chaos and corrupts society.
The “Crucible”, takes part in time of the Salem Witch trials in Massachusetts. In play some girls have been found dancing in the woods and have been accused of witchcraft and the result for being guilty is death. So then the girls don’t want to be found guilty so they blame them dancing in the woods on characters like Tituba and Goody Nurse, to try to save themselves from death. That is what these girls are fearing, death. So what they end up doing is that they blame it on other people and then just out of the sky they say that the people are sending there spirits after them. When they were in the court room they would be yelling and faking pains on how the devil is there and all of these people would believe them. This is very interesting In the book because this is showing how all of a sudden this society is now believing the word of a few girls. In this time period women were not big authority figures, they didn’t have a lot of say in church or in court. But once something that everyone fears,...

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