Fear Measles

Fear Measles

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Fear Measles, not Vaccines
Rhetorical Summary:

Marc Siegel starts off with a fact about the measles outbreak, “Disneyland theme park in California has infected nearly 70 people since December. Even before this alarming episode, 2014 saw the worst U.S measles outbreak in two decades. Meanwhile 13,000 parents nationwide claimed on forms that vaccinating their children from preventable diseases like measles violated their “personal beliefs”. This starts off by saying measles are spreading quickly, but parents are not doing anything to stop measles from getting their children. The “personal beliefs” are the irrational fears, primarily being injected with something that is not known to a person and their children. But the real danger is measles not vaccination. Back in 1963 when vaccine became available for public use in the U.S., 500,000 people reported measles cases every year according to CDC and prevention data. Now the disease is back with 640 cases because of people fearing vaccination more than measles. Measles has attack rate of 90% which means a person has 90% chances of passing it on to someone else. Ordinary flu has the attack rate of 25%. Measles mainly spread by some coughing or sneezing on someone else then takes couple of weeks for a person to develop symptoms like red watery eyes, rash and inner cheek white spots. But exactly why have children and parents not vaccine themselves form measles?
Marc Siegel confirms that it’s due to miss informed people and doctors that demonized the vaccine that prevents Measles, Mumps and Rubella. Also, a British study in 1988 linked the vaccine to causing children autism, the study was discredited but the rumors continue to spread. In 1990 only 288 deaths were associated with MMR vaccine. Comparing to brain inflammation from measles it is between of 1 to 2 in a thousand.

Rhetorical Analysis:

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