Feature Article: Marilyn Manson

Feature Article: Marilyn Manson

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The Marilyn Manson
Scary! Marilyn Manson revealing his true nature.

Shock rockers have always caught attention to themselves by breaking the stereotypes. But what is the truth behind those outrageous personas? It is not all just part of the plan for getting the publicity, according to Antonina Loncarevic.
On the 20 April 1999,a couple of students, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, from the Columbine High School in Littleton,
Colorado committed a
terrible crime. During
lunchtime they started
a massacre, killing twelve
of their schoolmates and
one teacher, as well as
wounding twenty-three
others. After hearing the
police sirens both of them
committed a suicide.

“If someone wants to kill himself-fine, you know? Suicide is that person’s option…”

Dylan Klebold and Eric
Harris were known as big
fans of Marilyn Manson
and his music. The
survivors of this horror
told reporters that their
obsession with Marilyn
Manson led to this
moment where they “got
their guns” and “just killed
everyone” (two lines from
Marilyn Manson’s songs Get Your Gun Out
and Irresponsible Hate Anthem).
What happened in the
world of music? When did
the music that was bringing
peace and love turn into
a bad influence, an influence that will even make you kill?
One of the bad influences
is most definitely Marilyn
Manson. In his songs he
sings about drugs, suicide,
homicide, prostitution and
other illegal and sinful
things that one could do.His
appearance is also a bad
influence. It sends a hidden
message that if you are mad, satanic and you look like a character from horror movies you will do good in
life. Justifying him to be a
normal person who is...

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