Features and Functions of Information Systems

Features and Functions of Information Systems

P4 – Features and Functions of
Information Systems
Types of Information Systems

Features of Information Systems

Functions of Information Systems

Management Information



Systems (MIS)



Marketing Analysis



Human Resources




Communication/data flows

Control and feedback loops;


Closed and open systems.

To achieve P4 you must demonstrate an understanding of the features and functions of
information systems. Create a presentation which shall be used to teach others about
different types of information systems.
In your presentation you will need to describe the different types of systems that are
used, you must also include the features and functions of the information systems as well
as an explanation of the purpose of the system and who might use them (real business
examples would be beneficial here).

P4 – Features and Functions of
Information Systems
Marketing Information System

• One of the first areas of business to adopt the need for an information
• Identifying where and why its sales go up and down.
• Applying and analysing the result of a promotion in one store before
applying it to all stores.
• Analysing the impact of changes on product prices, profit/loss,

Financial Information System

• Simply it is needed to manage income or revenue. However, once
setup it can focus on expenditure and costs to make it more effective.
• Able to identify trends and unusual patterns to support the running
and actions of the business.
• Helps identify the financial impact of an investment, large purchase,
new revenue or expenditure. Keeping the business in the black.

Human Resources Information System

• Human resources have a great need for an information system due to
the amount of analyses they...

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