Features and Glitches of Grain cleaning machine

Features and Glitches of Grain cleaning machine

Features and Glitches of GRAIN CLEANING MACHINE:

Grain cleaning machine is one important maize processing machine and is used in maize flour milling section. In the operation of this machine, there has some common glitch. Now let's talk about what common glitch it may have and how we should deal with it.
1. The maize flour produced by the machine has too high temperature. For this glitch, we can adjust the gap of the grinding roller and make it more loose. Keep regular maintenance or change. Especially in the summer, we need to keep the heat dissipation.
2. The maize flour output is less or there has no maize flour output from the machine. Then we can check the sieve mesh. It may be blocked.
3. If the GRAIN CLEANING MACHINE is normal, but the flour yield reduces. Now we should check the grinding roller or the grinding tooth. If there has abrasion, we should change it or have drawbench.
4. If the machine always shakes, then we can check the screws whether they are loose.
5. If the machine just produces flour, but without grain bran, then we need to check the sieve whether it's broken or the sieve frame is sealed well.

We should notice the glitch mentioned above in the operation of the grain cleaning machine. Forestall the possible problems and improve the machine's efficiency.

Brief Introduction of the Five Characteristics of China Grain cleaning machine
Grain is one of our main food crops in China with the features of long industry chain and high nutrition. By grain cleaning machine, we can process grain into various kinds of food, livestock feed and industrial raw material. This can utilize the grain nutrition value at the maximum degree. Over ten years of development, our grain cleaning machine development has the following features:
1. Grain cleaning machine development makes the grain consumption increase greatly year by year and improves the enthusiasm of grain planting and grain acreage.
2. The product structure has further...

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