Federal Governement Employee Benefits

Federal Governement Employee Benefits

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Federal Government Employee Benefits

Introduction to Human Resources Management

5 October 2008

There are many reasons to work for the government. Benefits the government offers are one of the major reasons why. There is definitely a wide variety of benefits for the employees. The leave that the government offers is good; employees receive both annual and sick time. It is accrued differently according to how long the employee has worked for the government. Another benefit, the Federal Employees Health Benefit or FEHB has several different options for the employees to choose from. Finally, the retirement program the government offers is the Federal Employee Retirement System. It is supplemented by the thrift savings plan program. All of these benefits and more make it a good choice to work for the government if given the opportunity.

Federal Government Employee Benefits
What benefits does the government offer an employee? A very common question asked by people when considering government employment. Every potential employee for every company wants to know what they will receive in return from their employer. It is no different with those choosing to work for the government. Is the benefit package enough for the employee? Do they need a benefit that is not offered? Only by researching the potential benefits can an employee know what they will receive when they accept a position. Every employee may be looking for something different and it is important to make sure that the benefits offered will meet the employee’s needs. They may want to work for a company that has good health benefits or they may be looking for a better retirement package. No matter what the employee is looking for an employer needs to take care of the majority of their employees or else no one is going to want to work there. It is the same for the government and it seems that the benefits that are offered are doing...

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