Fedex: Overnight Success?

Fedex: Overnight Success?

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Is FedEx Packages Marketing for Overnight Success?
Case Summary:
FedEx is a logistics company based out of Memphis, Tennessee and controls over 50 percent of the overnight market. The case includes how FedEx has stayed a trendsetting leader in the package delivery business and what makes the company so successful. FedEx is committed to and understands the value of effective marketing and will continue to build relationships by adding new and improved services for the customer.
Key Marketing Issues

• Customer Service – FedEx believes that by providing reliable, competitive, global air-ground transportation of packages that require quick delivery will influence the customer. Building relationships based on the way customers view FedEx is extremely important in marketing the company. FedEx strives to achieve one hundred percent customer satisfaction.
• New Branding Unveiled – Change was needed and FedEx not only took a chance with changing their identity but continue to spend millions of dollars yearly in advertising to keep FedEx a leader in the overnight delivery business.

• On Time Overnight Delivery – FedEx has the infrastructure and processes in place to ensure overnight delivery of packages arrive on time to their destination 99 percent of the time.

• Information Technology – FedEx relies on up to date technology and is one of the keys to their success. As they continue to grow and provide more services, which includes the global market, then information technology must continue to improve with the latest technology. FedEx wireless technology enables complete access to their information systems network by customers, couriers, and delivery personnel.

• Software Applications – Provides the customer with innovated technology and software where the customer can access real-time information regarding package delivery. FedEx gives away its proprietary tracking software allowing customers to track their deliveries online....

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