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Air pollution is created throughout the fabric of our modern life. Air Pollution is waste

remaining from the methods we produce our goods, transport ourselves and our goods,

and generate the energy to heat and light the places where we live, play, and work. Air

pollution is not a recent phenomenon(1)(Wark Kenneth and Warner Cecil F. p.10).

One of the major causes of all air pollution is combustion, motor combustion is

essential to man. We have other natural processes that create air pollution like forest fires,

decaying vegetation, dust storms, and volcanic eruptions. The total global production of

gases recognized as pollutants is much greater from natural sources than from man-made

sources (2)(Wark Kenneth and Warner Cecil F. p.15)

We also have another source of air pollution that is directly related to human’s

health: smoking. It participates in air pollution and has a big effect on the health of the

smokers and the non-smokers. Before cigarettes became popular in the beginning of the

20th century, lung cancer was rare. In 2008, lung cancer is expected to strike up to

215,020 Americans, and about 161,840 are expected to die from it. The disease usually

occurs in people over 50 years old. Smoking appears to be the primary risk factor in 85-

90% of lung cancers. The risk of lung cancer in smokers is about 20 times that of non-

smokers (3) (Thomas Y. Crowel paragraph.1 ln.6, 7).

Between the components of the polluted air we will talk about the gaseous air

pollutants and the fine particles.

Gaseous air pollutants form a big part of both outdoor and indoor air and are recognized

to cause health effects, especially with humans with pre-existing illness. Between these

air pollutants we can note: sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and carbon

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monoxide (CO) etc….(4)(Hester R.E and Harrison Roy M. chapter 1 ln.1,2,3)

The sources of these pollutants are...