Female Genetial Mutilation

Female Genetial Mutilation

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Postwar; Japan and Europe.
Here lately we have been hearing a ton of things on the rebuilding of Europe and Japan. And I hear people say all the time that there is nothing really extravagant about it, but boy are they wrong! Many people have gone into helping the rebuilding of both of these places. Both of these places went about changing in two totally different ways.

Japan has went on a slightly different path than that one of Europe. The United States has had control of Japan for about five years now. The U.S. has many ideas for Japan and this is mainly how they have changed. The U.S. has all intentions of getting rid of Japanese war machines and they have tried all war criminals. They have so called “westernized” the Japanese society.

General Douglas MacArthur has been in charge of Japan these past few years and man oh man has he brought so many wonderful changes! Changes like; a new constitution that renounced that the war was established; the Japanese armed forces are limited to self-defense; a parliamentary government has been established; the emperor has to announce that he is not a god; human rights; women now are allowed to vote; and the U.S. has military bases now.

The way Europe has went about changing was thru the Marshall Plan, which is the plan of the U.S. had for all allied countries with Europe. The Marshall Plan aided some countries that were allied with Europe. The red squares are the ones that were aided.

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