Females in Politics

Females in Politics

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Females in politics

Females in politics! You can’t say it is a surprise nowadays!

Now women are quite equal to men. They have the same opportunities and abilities. If a woman can bring up a child and work as hard as a man does, then why can’t she be a political leader? Ofcaurce it depends on person’s character.

Do you remember Margaret Teacher? That “Iron Lady”? Her childhood wasn’t very pink and pleasant, her father was a real tyrant and they often had had misunderstanding and argues. And even these quarrels made Margaret a strong person with iron will and character, and she was a real political (not only, thou) leader for thousands of people.

If you say that you don’t know a great woman called Condoliza Rise or just “black panther”, I will say: “Hey dude, you are such a liar, aren’t you?” Because everyone knows that grand female! And she has really strong spirit… However no family, no children- but what a career, thou!

And after all I want to mention one female politician- if you watch news you know her well and you know how her life ended. I’m talking about Benazhir Bhutto, who was killed in terrorist attack in Pakistan recently, where she was a leader of opposition. For sure she wasn’t saint, she had legal problems and issues, but her death will be a major disaster for Pakistan and USA. All this is like watching dominoes fall.

I would not continue with another women and their achievements, but I’ll say that their number is rising and rising..! If to develop our planet we do need cooperation between both sexes- fair and strong one. I stand for involving more clever women into not only local but into World’s politics. Get away from frying pans and pots and make a step into important business – politics. Even if by taking part in local elections by giving your vote, perhaps for a lady!

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