Feminiest Movement

Feminiest Movement

Feminist Movement

Cindy Storey


Pamela Spence

June 29, 2008

What Five women can do while having tea on a hot afternoon is something we will always be aware of? It all started July13, 1848 from here we will see how the Feminist Movement started and how it developed around the world.
In July 1848 a woman was invited to have tea with four of her friends. She was “Ms Elizabeth Cady Stanton” (Bonnie Eisenberg and Ruthsdotter, The National Women’s History Project 1998) and on this day she let it be known her discontent of how much she did not have freedom, and all the limitations placed upon her and all women. The five women all agreed and they were not the first group to have talked about limits placed upon women. They were the first to go fourth and plan a large '' scale program. The first meeting took place at the “Wesleyan chapel in Seneca Fall on July 19 and 20th, 1848.” These women were on a mission to change the world and to make sure that women were treated fairly just like men. Ms. Stanton used the “Declaration of Independence.” (1) To make a declaration of their own: to stat that women were treated unfairly and it was even worse for the black enslaved women. The women worked very hard to get people to listen to their pleas and hoped that this meeting would be beginning a series and “embrace and embrace every part of the country.” (1) The press published what the ladies were asking for and everyone took it the wrong way or ridiculed it, the group had only just begun and already was made to feel that they should be ashamed of what they were asking for. The talk was so bad that some women began to doubt themselves and what they were standing up for that they withdrew their name, but most stood up for what they believed in. The press did not realize that they had done the women a favor printing up what the group was all about, now people in cities and other places heard and read about them and now they also wanted to join and...

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