Ferrari: A Story of Dedication, Distinction and Really, Really Fast Cars.

Speed, power and beauty, these are the words that come to mind when you think of one of the greatest names in automobiles, Ferrari, Manufacturing outstanding cars since 1947, Ferrari has stayed ahead of the majority of its competitors tand built a global luxury brand that includes more than sports cars. I have been fascinated by Ferraris for as long as I can remember. Also, I have read and studied about Ferraris, and have done a lot of research on the Internet. Today, I will tell you about Ferrari has established itself as an important part of automobile history. After listening to my speech, my audience will understand the history Ferrari and how it has developed into a global luxury brand that includes more than sports cars.

The Ferrari a symbol in itself, is a highly prized and sought-after car. This specific sport's car speaks of status. The Ferrari has long been sought after because of its ability to quench the need for speed. Ferrari's importance in the history of travel is unrivaled because of its worldwide recognition and how its helped shape other automobiles. First, I will discuss how Enzo Ferrari fell in love with driving and car engineering in his youth and gained substantial race car test driving experience. Second, I will discuss how Enzo Ferrari leaves Alfa Romeo to start his own company and to make his own cars. Finally, I will discuss how Ferrari no longer relies just on selling cars and winning races to generate revenues, it’s licensing and retail division is the global model for other luxury sports properties.

Let’s start from the beginning, former mechanic turned race driver turned race manager, Enzo Ferrari produced race cars that raised the bar for automotive performance and won more world championships than any other, create a luxury brand that defines success. 

First, let’s discuss how the Ferrari story begins: At an early age he gained an...

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