The Old Man and the Sea
Study Guide

IMPORTANT QUOTES: Find one significant quote/section (total of six quotes for entire book). Write them as a tree map – SAYS, MEANS, MATTER. (See the example below for the format).

|SAYS Quote/Page # |MEANS |MATTERS |
| |(explain the quote/translate/discuss context) |(so WHAT?) |
|1. “But they went through this |1. This means that the boy and the |1. This shows the depth of Manolin and Santiago’s |
|fiction every day” (Hemingway 65). |old man have been essentially not only keeping each other’s lies |relationship. They have reached a point where they |
| |alive, but respecting those lies everyday. |actually respect each others’ fibs and do so in an |
| |It has become a part of their friendship. |understanding manner. They comprehend each other and |
| | |accept each other despite the fact that they mask |
| | |some parts of reality, such as their impoverished |
| | |state of living. |

Study Guide Questions: Answer on a separate sheet of paper using complete sentences.

The novel is divided into sections here to make your reading easier. These sections are not noted in the book. Your page numbers may vary.

Section 1: p. 9-28 “He was an old man who fished alone. . . . the moon was below...