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Management attitudes in Germany and Britain.

In modern business world it's important to know and take into account variety of nations and their mentality as it influences management style, customs and even running on business.

For instance, it's a great gulf which separates managerial behavior in many German and British companies. The gap is so fundamental that it can pose several problems for companies from the two countries which either merge or collaborate.

German managers consider technical skills to be the most important aspects of their job. Germans are very conservative, it isn't for German employees to move between unrelated departments or functional areas, they try to occupy their current positions for 5 years or more. So to have stable and rigid attitudes which sometimes prevent German companies to adjust and to be more flexible.

In sharp contrast, British managers see themselves as executives first and technicians second. Moreover, Britons regard the design of their departments as their own responsibility; it's typical for them to recognize departments frequently and to move even between unrelated functional areas. So British attitude to business is more constables and less technically oriented, but really flexible.

As for me it could be easy to collaborate with German managers, due to their constant attitude to make deals in time, to do their work responsibility, to control even small points. I like British due to their tolerance, orientation on real deal and actions. They also believe not in words, but in actions, that's why due to control and mistrust they achieve great results.

Despite all these differences between Germans and Britons, there are a lay of examples of their collaborations: in automobile industry: Rover, Porsche, and BMW. This cooperation can take place due to compromise and tolerance. If you have a chance to find profitable foreign partnership, you will try to get to know information about partner’s culture and...