CAP Strategic Research: White Paper 10

How Airports Can Improve
Their Marketing to Airlines

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How Airports Can Improve Their Marketing to Airlines


We have been conducting market research among Airlines for over 20 years. During that time we have interviewed senior executives in over 75 airlines worldwide – in the US & Canada, Europe, China, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Africa, India, South America and Australia & New Zealand. One of the key objectives of our research was to identify the improvements that Airlines want from Airports in terms of marketing.

Airlines around the world acknowledge that Airports are getting much better at marketing – but that major improvements are still required. Some years ago only AMS and MUC were seen as good at marketing, today that description can be applied to many more, including CPH, DFW, MIA, ARN, HAM, BRU and ATH. However the airlines are expecting further improvements. You don’t need to be a very large Airport to be good at marketing, some of the Airports with good marketing are small to medium e.g. DUB and HAM. Some of the largest - LHR and CDG - in particular are extremely poor at marketing to Airlines.

This White Paper identifies what Airlines around the world want from Airport marketing teams – the Marketing “Order-Winners” and the extent to which Airports are meeting these needs. We also highlight improvements in marketing demanded by Airports.

The information provided in this White Paper is based on information provided by key personnel - Network/Route Planning, Operations and Marketing - employed at the Head Offices of over 60 Airlines worldwide.

1. What Are The Important Marketing Methods?

We ask Airlines to nominate the Marketing “Order-Winners” – the factors that are REALLY important when an Airline evaluates the marketing performance offered by Airports. The...