Fha Addendum

Fha Addendum

This form approved by the Minnesota Association of REALTORS(,
which disclaims any liability arising out of use or misuse of this form.
( 2007, Minnesota Association of REALTORS(, Edina, MN.

1. Date March 6, 2009
2. Page   

3. Addendum to Purchase Agreement between parties, dated March 6 ,2009 , pertaining
4. to the purchase and sale of the property at 1525 Viewcrest Lane
5.       .
6. There IS IS NOT a Buyer’s Financial Disclosure Statement submitted with this Purchase Agreement.
(Check one.)
7. Buyer shall apply for and secure, at Buyer's expense, an FHA INSURED Fixed mortgage
(e.g., Fixed, ARM)
8. in the amount stated in this Purchase Agreement amortized monthly over a period of not more than 30
9. years, with an initial mortgage interest rate at no more than Market percent (%) per annum. The mortgage
10. application IS TO BE MADE WITHIN FIVE (5) BUSINESS DAYS after the acceptance of this Purchase Agreement.
11. Buyer agrees to use best efforts to secure a commitment for acceptance for such financing and to execute all
12. documents required to consummate said financing.

13. FINANCING CONTINGENCY: This Purchase Agreement is contingent upon the following and applies to the first
14. mortgage and any subordinate financing.
15. (Check one.)

16. For purposes of this Contingency, “Written Statement” means a Written Statement prepared by Buyer’s mortgage
17. originator(s) or lender(s) after the Final Acceptance Date that Buyer is approved for the loan(s) specified in this Purchase
18. Agreement, including both the first mortgage and any subordinate financing, if any, and stating that an appraisal,
19. satisfactory to the lender(s), has been completed and stating conditions required by lender(s) to close the loan.

20. If Buyer cannot secure such mortgage(s) and this Purchase...

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