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Q2a) The main features of the consumer purchasing decision are.

The buying process is not just “the purchase”. The process covers all the stages that a consumer goes through when making a purchase. The process itself may include the following stages:
• A need is felt which creates a problem to be solved.
• A solution is sought for that problem.
• Alternative solutions are analysed and assessed.
• A decision is made as to which is the best solution to the problem.
• The decision is implemented.
• A review is made of the decision.
At any stage it may be necessary to go back to a previous stage and review earlier thinking. This know as a feedback loop.

The review and feedback are also important in this process.

This is a process which involves a sequence of stages. We need to be able to understand the processes our customers go through so that we can overcome any barriers that may make them decide not to buy or buy from other competition.

Who Buys?

The customers buys. The user is the consumer. A person can, of course, be both at the same time, but we should never forget that we may be dealing with multiple levels in the buying process and we have to cater to all those needs.
The Decision- Making Unit.
Buying can be done by an individual or by a group of people. We call the individual involved in buying, the decision-making unit.
There are a few role in the DMU such as:
• The initiator-the person who comes up with the idea of buying an item
• The influencer-the person, or people, who will shape the outcome of the decision
• The decider-the person with the power or authority to make the decision
• The buyer-the person who makes the actual purchase
• The user-the person who will eventually use the product
• The gatekeeper.-the person who can prevent the decision from being made or make it more difficult.

Types Of Purchasing

A way of considering the decision we usually make is either “ new buys” or “repeat buys”....