Prediction originated from Latin word PRAEDICTION meaning KNOWN BEFOREHAND.


• Retailers are going to be the largest FMCG producers and network to reach the customers and most value-generating organization.
Retailers are the organizations that are in direct contact with the people and the most penetrating organizations, they are the ones that know the customers better and are aware of the needs. With Reliance foraying in the financial product markets others will follow soon.

• Capital Market Integration
With the integrations of different markets around the world no market would remain unaffected by the problems of the other. The ripples would be felt all across making capital markets more prone to risk and volatility.

• Self-Insurance
More countries will move towards being self reliant and would gear themselves for the unfavorable time in the futures.

• More mergers and acquisitions, for achievement of economies of scale
Post crisis the world would be the place for strong organizations only. The Darwins Principal of the survival of the fittest would prevail. Weaker organizations would be wiped out leaving the only the best ones remaining the competition.

• More technological innovations
Technological innovations would change the face of the financial world. Transparency would increase the confidence in the market and make plastic money replace paper money. The human force would become more valuable and human intervention would reduce.

• All countries trading in their areas of comparative advantage.
This would be achieved by the development of means of transportation which would make the goods available to each country across the world. The countries would produce goods and provide services in which they have cost advantage.

• Core competence emergence.
Organizations would concentrate in their area of competence. Instead of working in many...

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