Fiat Dreams by Sergio Marchione

Fiat Dreams by Sergio Marchione

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According to Sergio Marchione, Fiat’s CEO, he says “YES!” fiat will be In the UNSA an”and in big style, too!” marchione is having contacts with some major US motor companies, in Detroit, for a joint venture regarding the production fo Alfa Romeo, and IVECO, directly on US territory. Should be around 2011-2013

Fiat Dreams

Much has been made of a possible alliance between Chrysler and Italian auto giant Fiat. Press did not provide much in the way of details concerning any merger talks. The companies did sign what Press called a "non-binding memorandum of understanding," which means that any deals are still in discussion at this point. Press added that Chrysler's long-term viability plan includes the possibility of mergers and/or alliances with other companies, but does not include any Fiat-specific language.
Though much of the discussion is preliminary at the moment, Press did throw out some possibilities for how a Chrysler-Fiat deal might work. Preliminary talks have Fiat owning a 35 percent stake in Chrysler, with the option to purchase a majority stake further down the road.

In return, Fiat would open its own array of product "assets" for Chrysler to use. Press said all of Fiat's current product lineup consists of engines less than two liters in displacement, and is rich with turbochargers and gasoline direct-injection. If these technologies were to make their way into Chrysler products, it certainly would help in achieving the U.S. government's stricter fuel-economy standards.

In exchange, Fiat would have access to Chrysler's distribution system in North America. It could allow products such as Fiat's popular 500 to come to the U.S. How, exactly, this would be accomplished is another matter. A U.S.-spec 500 could be built in Europe and exported, or a version might be available for production in North America.

Fiat could also get access to Chrysler's products. Press mentioned the possibility of Jeep products being built for export and...

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