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Tissue and organ transplantation is defined as the replacement of non-functional or damaged tissue or organ with functional intact tissue or organ from donor. Transplantation is a useful procedure in the surgical repair or removal of damaged or infected tissue or organ from one part and planted a healthy and normal organ to the other part in an individual. This process is usually applied to replace injured or diseased tissues or organs with natural or artificial ones. Transplantation is a technique used increasingly in surgery today. It is an important treatment procedure. The tissue or organ which gets transplanted is called a transplant or graft.

The person receiving the transplant is the recipient, and the person from whose body organ was taken is the contributor. Many people bear donor cards with them all the time, stating that they are happy for their organs to be used in a transplant operation.


Based on relation between donor and recipients transplantation is of following types:-

1. Autograft:-
This transplantation is confined within the same person. In this transplantation, donor and recipients is the same person. In this transplantation everything is accepted and nothing is rejected, for example, treatment of burn injury by plastic surgery.

2. Isograft or syngraft:-
It is the transplantation between identical twins. In this case, donor and recipient are genetically identical members of similar species. There is no refutation in this transplantation. Just instance, transplantation between identical twins.

3. Allograft:-
It is the transplantation between the member of same species who are genetically dissimilar. For example, transplantation between two human beings. In this transplantation, success rate is moderate and rejection is low.

4. Xenograft:-
This is the transplantation between members of different species. In this transplantation, rejection is very high and acceptance...

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