Fighting the Stigma Associated with Prostitution

Fighting the Stigma Associated with Prostitution

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William Butler

Professor Gast

English 102

14 May 2010

May 14, 2010
RE: Let’s fight the stigma associated with Prostitution
Dear Editor: Saint Petersburg Times
As a close friend to someone who has a family member that prostitutes, stomping stigma associated with prostitution and promoting the possibility that it can become legal with strict laws and regulations in the state of Florida. Some people give this form of work a bad name; yes I call it work because if you provide a service to a patron on an agreed amount then you should be compensated for your work just like any other form of business. “Disgusting” Nasty, degrading to woman are some of the feelings of some of our citizens of Saint Petersburg, but what makes it disgusting, nasty and degrading to women? Is it the sex, because a woman may have to do something that she don’t want, well she don’t have to she has a choice, but if prostitution is legalized is it still disgusting or is she just doing her job. There are lots of less glamorous jobs that can be call disgusting; sewage workers, sanitation, and slaughter houses. But just like there is a need for those jobs, legalized prostitution has a use as well. If it is legalized there is no more degrading of woman, because there is no guy (pimp) forcing women to go have sex, beating them for the money, they can do it because they wants to and it’s legal.
Prostitution is one of the oldest professions, behind hunting and gathering and maybe farming. Prostitution has been misunderstood as the public image presents prostitution in a very negative light. Yet, prostitution is a business like any other business. It just happens to be the kind that is done at night and in deep discretion due to what society currently thinks. Prostitution doesn’t have to be about just street walkers, pimps, and drugs. Prostitution is very profitable for other countries and can be for the state of Florida...

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