Film Processing - Bw Negatives

Film Processing - Bw Negatives

Film processing – mini – workshop

A / Material required to process film:

Approximate second hand (S H) price is indicated for reference purposes.

If you want to process your film on the day, here is a list of the things which you will need to have on the day:

1/ Film tank

[pic] [pic]

A film tank: the smallest size.
I recommend the Jobo 1520, it allows to process one film 35 mm or two film 120. But Paterson does a similar universal tank.

To be complete, the tank should come with:
- the tank
- a tube, which fits in the middle of the tank. It channels the liquids to the bottom of the tank
- a lead.
- A reel – Please note that very often the reel is sold separately.
S H price: approx 15 £

If you buy your film tank second hand, make sure that the tube and leads are provided. Otherwise it is useless.
[pic] Make sure that the reel you buy is clean. It is very yellow and it looks like there could be residue of whatever on it, you are probably better off spending the additional pounds for a new reel.

S H price: 4 to 5 £

2/ Changing bag
[pic]Choose the least expensive one. A changing bag is a changing bag. Of course it should be in good condition, you don’t want light leaking as you un-can the prrrecious.

S H price: approx 10 £

3/ Exposed roll of film
Either 120 or 35 mm, HP5 + Ilford rated at 400 iso.

[pic] [pic]

S H price: approx 2 £

4/ A pair of scissors
[pic] I am sure you’ve got one of those somewhere. Size does not matter, it is just for cut the film when you are loading the film onto the reel in the changing bag.

5/ Film cassette opener
[pic] If you intend to process some 35mm film, a film cassette opener. Also, a beer bottle opener could do the trick.
You don’t need a film cassette opener if you are processing 120 or medium format film.

S H price : approx 2 £

6/ Optional
You don’t need any of these for the workshop; however, the following items will be required when you get...

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