Film Steven Spielberg

Film Steven Spielberg

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Compare the way Steven Spielberg portrays war in “Saving Private Ryan” & “Schindler’s List”
Steven Spielberg is an American film Director born in 1946. He has directed many films including Jews, Indiana Jones and Hook. He has won many Academy Award with his films including Best Director and Best picture for Schindlers List, Best Director and Best Sound for Saving Private Ryan. He worked with Janusz Kaminski as Director of photography on both films.

Spielberg took great care in getting the sences right on Saving Private Ryan to get an accurate picture of what happened on the day and what the Men where put though and the things they saw, to do this he talked to Veterans of the Omaha beach landings and looked at original film footage at the actual landing.

The start of Saving Private Ryan is a close up shot of the Heels of an old man, with Partiotic music the camera pans back to show his family walking behind him. The man could be walking on his own to show a lonely jouney. We see the American and French flag this gives us a clue of the location. We then see a long shot of the man walking across a grass field. When the camera pannes back, to reveal graves of different religions. Sad patriotic music is playing. The man collapes in front of a grave. He’s upset. We hear the only word of this sene “Dad” camera zooms into mans eyes, Music fades into the sound of waves. Speilberg has audience understanding that the story will be revealed. All this sene was filmed in modern day as it is very clear, strong colours and contrast with blue sky, green grass and white graves, the filming is smooth as it was filmed on a Dolly camera.

The start of Schindlers List is also filmed in colour like Saving Private Ryan. We see a close up shot of a persons hand with a match lighting two candles, this shows a contrast of light and dark. The next set of shots is of a family sat in a well lit room with natral light, the faces are in shadow leaving the family unknown. There is a...

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