Film vs Digital

Film vs Digital

Technology has grown to heights only impaired by our imagination, advancing within itself to become what we choose of it. In this new age, we find ourselves with many options on what to use. A camera is no different, providing many choices. There are film cameras that are one time use disposable, and thousand dollar digital cameras designed to shutter in multiple frames. The story of the camera is a new one in comparison to the wheel, but it has the capability of becoming better. Though even the wheel has merged with technology, it remains fixed in its use.

Unlike many other technologies that improve with advancement and renders the previous models obsolete, the camera still offers it old as well as it new abilities. People often are forgetful and find much use out of cheap film cameras, especially if they find themselves expecting to need one. Cheap film is great for rough activities such as snowboarding, because you never want to fall on your expensive camera. Many times I’ve found good shots with cheap film, but have had more okay than great. The digital camera always pulls through as being studier and more versatile, often becoming the better buy. The comparison goes deeper than convenience to some, making photography an undying art.

The film camera is great, giving the professional the ability to create art. To use film beyond the quick snaps of a cheap disposable, it takes a bit to make it art. Film must be exposed properly to attain the best resolution for your images; a process in itself is amazingly crafty. Box stores don’t have this quality of time, but often yield some good shots. Though film processed by stores have a better chance at becoming digital during exposure than you would exposing your own. It remains to be a matter of preference on how well you use you film advantages, having multiple options to aid your image. Film is the best way to get in touch with your art, understanding a deeper creation.

As we enter into the digital phase,...

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