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Art of Films
Marsha Antunez
English 225:Introduction To Films
Michael O Donnell
December 4,2009

In this paper, the author will describe how a film is analyzed as a whole. The author will demonstrate how to find and interpret meaning in movies. She will explain how to analyze an entire movie. In conclusion she will determine her own personal criteria for evaluating movies. Watching movies are a form of entertainment for the entire family of all ages. By watching the entire movie the viewer can determine if the movie is suitable or enjoyable to watch by watching the movie more than once the author can determine if the movie was good or not and the meaning and her own personal criteria for why she has evaluated the movie that she has watched. In order for the author to enjoy a movie it has to have her interest in the things that she enjoys doing . Most of the movies that the author has watched and liked are true stories and events that have had links to events that have occurred in her life.

Films is unlimited not only in its choice of subject but also in its approach to that material. A films mood and treatment can range from the lyric to the epic. A film can cover the full spectrum from the purely objective to the intensely subjective, in depth, it can focus on the surface realities and the purely sensual, or it can delve into the intellectual and philosophical. A film can look to the remote past or probe the distant future; it can make a few seconds seem like hours or compress a century into minutes. Films can run the gamut of feeling from the most fragile, tender, and beautiful to the most brutal, violent, and repulsive.
The properties that make film the most powerful and realistic of the arts also make analysis challenging. A motion picture moves continuously in time and space. By creating new avenues of awareness, analysis can make our love for movies stronger, more real, more enduring. The analytical approach is essential to the...

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