FIN 310 Midterm Exam

FIN 310 Midterm Exam

FIN 310 Midterm Exam
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Date Taken: 8/18/2013
Time Spent: 2 h , 18 min , 16 secs
Points Received: 150 / 150 (100%)
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Multiple Choice 20 20
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1. Question : The purchase and sale of Ford’s stocksafter the original issuance (IPOs)

occurs in the:
Student Answer:
Primary market.
Secondary market.
Dealer market.
Auction market.
Liquidation market.
Points Received: 5 of 5

2. Question : Financial leverage refers to:

Student Answer:
The amount of debt used in a firm’s capital structure.
The ratio of retained earnings to shareholders’ equity.
The ratio of paid-in surplus to shareholder’s equity.
The ratio of cost-of-goods-sold to total sales.
The amount of receivables present in the firm’s asset structure.
Points Received: 5 of 5

3. Question : The receivables turnover ratio is measured as:

Student Answer:
Sales plus accounts receivable.
Sales divided by accounts receivable.
Sales minus accounts receivable, divided by sales.
Accounts receivable times sales.
Accounts receivable divided by sales.
Points Received: 4 of 4

4. Question : The interest rate used to calculate the present value of future cash flows is
called the __________ rate.

Student Answer:
free interest
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annual interest
compound interest
simple interest
Points Received: 8 of 8

5. Question : You have $800 that you would like to invest. You have 2 choices: Savings
account A which earns 7% compounded semiannually, or savings account B
which earns 6.9% quarterly. Which...

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