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FIN 415 UOP Course / tutorialrank

FIN 415 Final Exam Guide (UOP Course)

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This Set contains True/False Type and Multiple Choice Question

1 The art of risk management is to identify risks specific to an organization and to respond
to them in an appropriate way.

2 All levels of an organization do not need to be included in the management of risk in order for it to be

3 Qualitative Risk Analysis Techniques seek to compare the relative significance of risk facing a project in terms
of the effect of their occurrence on the project outcome.

4 Quantitative techniques are used when the likehood of the investment or project achieving its objectives with
time and budget is required.

5 A forward exchange contract requires delivery at a specified future date of one currency for a specific amount
of another currency.

6 Risk tolerance is the degree that one is willing to risk losing some of his original investment in exchange for
a chance to earn a higher return.

Multiple Choice

1. Which of the following best describes risk management?...

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