FIN 515 Managerial Finance Week 6 Problem Set

FIN 515 Managerial Finance Week 6 Problem Set

FIN 515 Managerial Finance Week 6 Problem Set
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FIN 515 Managerial Finance Week 6 Problem Set

Answer the following questions and solve the following problems in the space provided. When you are done, save the file in the format flastname_Week_6_Problem_Set.docx (where flastname is your first initial and your last name), and submit it to the appropriate Dropbox.

Chapter 29 (pages 983-984):

1. What inherent characteristic of corporations creates the need for a system of checks on manager behavior?
2. What are some examples of agency problems?
3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the corporate organizational structure?
4. What is the role of the board of directors in corporate governance?

Second Project

The purpose of this project is for you to have some practice working with financial concepts in the real world. This will involve integrating some material from throughout the course. The project will also involve the development of your own approach to doing the work. The project does not provide a step-by-step procedure for you to follow.
Your task is to determine the WACC for a given firm using what you know about WACC as well as data you can find through research. Your deliverable is to be a brief report in which you state your determination of WACC, describe and justify how you determined the number, and provide relevant information as to the sources of your data.
With the help of your professor, you have selected a company for which to research and find the WACC. Your research is to be independent from any information you may find at or similar sites although you might want to use such sites to provide a reasonableness check on the WACC you calculate.

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