FIN 534 STR Course Tutorial / UOPhelp

FIN 534 STR Course Tutorial / UOPhelp

FIN 534 Week 1 Chapter 1 Solution

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1. Which of the following statements is CORRECT?

a. One of the disadvantages of a sole proprietorship is that the proprietor is exposed to unlimited liability.
b. It is generally easier to transfer one’s ownership interest in a partnership than in a corporation.
c. One of the advantages of the corporate form of organization is that it avoids double taxation.
d. One of the advantages of a corporation from a social standpoint is that every stockholder has equal voting rights, i.e., “one person, one vote.”
e. Corporations of all types are subject to the corporate income tax.

2. Which of the following would be most likely to lead to higher interest rates on all debt securities in the economy?

a. Households start saving a larger percentage of their income.
b. The economy moves from a boom to a recession.
c. The level of inflation begins to decline.
d. Corporations step up their expansion plans and thus increase their demand for capital.
e. The Federal Reserve uses monetary policy in an attempt to stimulate the economy.

3. Which of the following statements is CORRECT?

a. If General Electric were to issue new stock this year it would be considered a secondary market transaction since the company already has stock outstanding.
b. Capital market transactions only include preferred stock and common stock transactions.
c. The distinguishing feature between spot markets versus futures markets transactions is the maturity of the investments. That is, spot market transactions involve securities that have maturities of less than one year, whereas futures markets transactions involve securities with maturities greater than one year.
d. Both Nasdaq "dealers" and NYSE “specialists” hold inventories of stocks.
e. An electronic communications network (ECN) is a physical location exchange.

4. Which of the following statements is CORRECT?

a. A good goal for a...

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