Fin/571 Week 1` Business Structure

Fin/571 Week 1` Business Structure

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Business Structure
Esther Calice
October 21, 2013
James MC Closkey

Business Structure
Business Structure is the framework of a company legally acknowledged in a particular jurisdiction for conducting commercial activities, like sole-proprietorship, partnership, and corporation (, 2013). There are advantages and disadvantages in each of the three business structure. The purpose for this week one assignment paper is to give an explanation of how it might or might be advantageous from each of the three business structures.
Sole Proprietorship
A sole proprietorship is a business entity managed and owned by one person. This person who owns the business is called a sole proprietor (, 2013).
The advantages of a sole proprietor are that he or she does not pay any income tax separate from the business, the cost for this person to start his or her business is minimal, the requirements for the business is fewer than for other types of owners, and he or she has complete control on when to transfer or sell the business (, 2013). As a sole proprietor, control on when to take a vacation or don’t have to answer to anyone is the best feeling ever.
The disadvantages of a sole proprietor are that the owner of the business has to report profits and losses made on his or her individual tax return; he or she is completely accountable for the business’ debts (BusinessDictionary, 2013). As a sole proprietor, one of the worst thing is if there is a lawsuit means the owner will be in his or her own to find ways to pay the fines also some investors do not want to invest in sole proprietorships.
According to Film Media Group (2011) “there are different types of partnerships, the most common being general and limited. A general...

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