Final Com220

Final Com220

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Since the beginning of time civilization has used technology to accomplish many things. In the past it has produced such things as the light bulb, telephones and computers. Modern society is now using it to create new and improved device to eliminate chores and save money. Even though technology improved the lives of many, people rely too much on it. Technology is used to handle simple everyday task that can be done by anyone; it has deprived today's youth of normal social interactions amongst their natural skills. In this essay, the following will be discussed: New Age Robotics, The Natural Skills of Teens and Technology in the Home.

New Age Robotics

For many years society has used technology to advance robotics. It is being used to make purposeless robots like the conversational character robot found in fig 1.1. This robot, made by Hanson Robotics, was created to hold conversations with people looking for companionship. It was also given human like features to help it blend in with society. This and other conversational robots are being sold to colleges around the world. It can even be brought for personal usages such as keeping the elderly and bed ridden company. Conversational devices like this will eventually deteriorate normal social habits between human beings in future generations.


Fig 1.1 Above are images of a conversational robot capable of walking, talking and maintaining eye contacting. This robot was created by Hanson Robotics, which was founded by Dr. David Hanson in March of 2003. They specialize in making companion robots for household and school usage. (

Due to the advancement in robotics, humans in the workplace are now suffering from the loss of jobs. Many companies are now replacing humans with self functioning machines to accomplish work...

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