Final Days of Jesus

Final Days of Jesus

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Running head: The Final Events of Jesus Life

The Final Events of Jesus Life
Grand Canyon University
February 01, 2009

The Final Events of Jesus Life
This paper will be going over the Annotated Synopsis of the Final Events of Jesus.
From his trial unto his ascension, I will give an outline of events that took place.
Jesus has allowed himself to be arrested to be taken into custody of the Jewish religious leaders. He is then brought before high priest Anna and Caiaphas.Claiming that he is the son of God makes up the mind of the accusers. They have decided he must die. Being an non Roman citizen his death would be crucifixion.
Jesus Christ death was very slow and painful there was torture by the guards. The guards tore out his beard, beat him and then forced a crown of thorns on his head. He was forced to carry his cross to Golgotha were he was then crucified.
On a Early Sunday morning disciples went to the tomb only to discover Jesus body was not there. It was Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary the mother of James and others with them who told what they saw to the apostles. Two angles one at the head of Jesus bed and one at the end. The angles ask Mary why she crying, she say’s to the angles they have taken my Lord away she turns only to see her Lord Jesus Christ.
After Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene he had many other appearances. He appears to his half brother James. He appears to his disciples at the Mount of Olives and gives command to them to stay in Jerusalem until the Holy Sprit comes.
When Jesus had led them out of out of the vicinity to Bethany he blessed them.
Jesus had spoken to them and given his command, he raised before there eyes and was his taken to Heaven and sat by his father....

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