Final Exam Biology-Study Sheet

Final Exam Biology-Study Sheet

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Biology Final Exam Semester 1 The Science of Biology Biosphere -Every thing on earth Ecostyem -Community and its non-living surroundings. Community- Population that live together Population-Groups of organisms that live in the same area. **Organism is an indivual living thing. **

Ecology Autotroph- Plants, algae, and some bacteria all capture energy from the sunlight or chemicals that use energy. Heterotrophs- Organisms that rely on other organisms for energy and food supply. Four different levels of Heterotrophs Herbivore- Obtain energy by only eating plants, example: Cow, caterpillars and deer. Omnivores-eat both plants and animals example: Humans, Bears, and deer. Carnivores: -Eat only animals' example: snake, dog and owl Detritivores-Feed on plant and animal remains and other dead matter. Example: Mites, earthworms, snails, and crabs

The predator-prey relationship is the regulation of a population by perdition takes place. How can a Toxin affect food chains? A primary consumer Independent Variable: a factor in an experiment that a scientist purposely changes (responding variable) Dependent Variable: A factor in an experiment that a scientist wants to observe (Manipulated Variable)

The Chemistry of Life The building blocks for proteins are Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. The smallest part of an element is The smallest part of a living organism that carries out all properties of life New substances are formed by the chemical combination PH scales are used to indicate the concentration of H+ ions in a solution Ions-An atom that has a positive or negative charge. Chemical equation Isotopes: Atoms of the same element that is different in the number of neutrons they contain. **Because they have the same number of electrons, all isotopes of an element have the same chemical properties. ** Chemical Reaction- A process that changes one set of...

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