Final Paper for Psy 202 in Ashford

Final Paper for Psy 202 in Ashford

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Running head: The Successful and Unsuccessful goals

The Successful and Unsuccessful Goals
Psy 202
Timothy Haupt
March 26, 2013

Where are you from?
* New jersey
* Virginia
* What was your family like?
* Mother worked all the time
* Grandma came from Korea to help raise me
* Family is traditional Koreans
* Close knit
* What are some of my favorite memories?
* Graduating from high school (mother telling me she is proud of me0
* Going in rehab and finishing
* Going to jail (saved my life)
* My family and I going to Korea
* What did you do after you left school?
* Worked to help my mother
* Ran around like I was a teenager when I was 21 years old
* Had a drinking problem
* Do you have your own family now?
* Fiancée, 4 kids, and a cat
* Son that is 5 years old
* What is your personal, professional and academic goals?
* Personal: finishing school, marriage and having financial security
* Professional: good job, working up
* Academic goals: getting associate and bachelor degree
* What would make you happy in the future?
* Taking care of family
* Having a good job and education
* Saying I completed goals in my life.

The Successful and Unsuccessful Goals
In my thirty years of existence, I have written many papers about my life. But I never had to write a paper that was so precise about certain things in my life. The purpose of this paper is to describe certain events in my life and show how these events shaped my life to today. By describing these events, I will also analyze the theories I learned in class. Finally, I will state my future goals that I want in my life.
My place of birth is Oakhurst, New Jersey. My father was in the military which only allowed me to stay in Jersey...

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