final paper

final paper

Cellular Communications: The Evolution

DeVry University

Cellular communication has long been our means of communications. It started out decades ago in the 1940’s and has become what it is now. Everywhere we go there is some form of cellular communications going on. The impacts of such communications have help create the way we communicate today. We will be looking at some of the impacts that cellular communications has had on society. We will be looking at the social, cultural, political, and economic impacts. It has also brought different ways in which we look at this continuous emerging technology.
Keywords: Cellular communications, impacts

Table of Contents
Page 2 - Abstract
Page 3 - Table of Contents
Page 4 - Introduction & Historical Timeline and Predecessor Assessment
Page 5 - Historical Timeline and Predecessor Assessment continued
Page 6 - Analysis of impact

Cellular Communications: The Evolution
Cellular devices are everyone! They seem to be crawling out of spaces. Cellular devices are taking over humanity. Well, this is the feeling I get when I look around. Everyone has at least one cellular device; it does not surprise me if some have more. This is due to the growth in cellular technologies, such as “G” cellular communications. This is an emerging technology that has been advancing for decades, but it feels very young due to how quick its legs have been advancing.
Historical Timeline and Predecessor Assessment
Cellular communications has come a long way from what we are used to. The type of data that our phones have today is so much more advanced than it used to be. I do not think that surprises anybody. The times evolve and so does technology. We are in a time of cellular communications evolution, dating back to the 1980’s. I’ll be honest with you. I did not even know what the “G” meant when I would say I have 4G. I thought it was just a fancy term for the type of...

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