Final Project Idea

Final Project Idea

After many ideas have come through my head as to what I would figure as a “beneficial business” for the River View Plaza, I have decided that the topic that I will be doing my final project on will be getting Mailboxes Etc. a coping, postal annex type business approved for the River View Plaza. Not only will this type of business be beneficial for Digifast and its employees, but the other businesses in the building will be able to benefit from it as well.

Mailboxes Etc is a business that not only mails all forms of correspondence out that the company needs, but it is also able to assist with advertising flyers that Digifast needs for the marketing aspect of their company, but is able to copy document, something the younger lawyer would be able to find useful, as I am sure the insurance company would as well.

Charlotte and Mark will find this business to be useful because instead of having to hire new employees for marketing, copying, and or clerical type duties, this business will be able to handle all those errands that need to be done so their business can be advertised properly and all the same jobs can get done at the same time.

When it comes to the holiday season, it always happens that employees end up getting overworked and having to do multiple tasks, aside from their main job description. This job will allow the company to prevent employees from being overworked during the busy seasons. Productivity will continue to increase for Digifast with marketing being done on time, quickly and efficiently.

I think the employees will find the business to be very useful for them at Digifast, as well as beneficial to the other businesses in the building as well.

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