Final Quiz

Final Quiz

RES 341 Final Exam

This is an individual exam and your response should be your original work. Post your response only to the student forum by end of Week 5.

Section 1 (Multiple Choice/Short Answer)

For the questions in this section, choose the best answer for the multiple choice questions. For questions that require a short answer, write a 1 to 2 sentence response.

1. Identify the most appropriate level of measurement used in the following survey questions:

A. State your gender: Male, Female.
B. State your age in years : ___Years.
C. Select the type of cuisine you prefer most: Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian, Other.


A. Nominal
B. Interval
C. Ordinal

2. Mary claims that the range, standard deviation and variance are all measures of dispersion. John adds to Mary’s claim by stating that the coefficient of variation is a measure of relative dispersion. Do you agree with both Mary and John?


A. No ~ I agree with Mary only

3. The following are some measures of central tendency in a set of data:

A. Mean
B. Median
C. Standard Deviation
D. Variance
E. Some of the above

Answer: E. mean presented along with variance and the standard deviation is the best measure of central tendency for continuous data.

4. The Mean of a sample is not impacted by outliers. Do you agree?


A. No. Outliers are extreme scores.

Section 2

You must show all your steps clearly to earn full points. Simply providing a numerical answer, without showing your steps will not earn any points. Note that you will earn partial points for showing the correct steps clearly even if your final answer is incorrect.

1. Listed below are the total automobile sales (in millions) in the United States for the last 14 years.
Assume that this data is a sample. During this period, what was the mean number of automobiles sold? What was the standard deviation?...

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