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High Student the Access of Drugs

Have any of us ever wondered the seriousness subject of drugs within the involvement of high school students? Even though the easiest way for a student to achieve drugs is now to attend school the most selling drugs are Marijuana and Prescription Pills. High school students are now using drugs in order to feel relaxed, accepted and for some extra cash. Now students and teachers are taking action to decrease the use and sales of drugs.

The daily life of a high school student has included the presents of illegal drug activity

As Andréa Hernandez attends school at La Prensa in San Diego she and other students are able to witness the sale of drugs before, during and after classes. Walking in the halls in between classes the drug dealers and buyers are in the process of distributing and buying illegal drugs and even prescription drugs.

Andréa Hernandez is a high school student and has witnessed all the above actions. Parents believing that schools are a safe place for children are truly not. Not only are the disturbed students doing drugs but even the smart and intelligent students are involved in drugs. Some of them even experiment in order to escape the real world and feel accepted among peers.

The ordinary “baby face” 17 year-old is the average drug dealer. (Andrea Hernandez 2003). As many parents and others believe that drugs sales are suppose to be happening in “dark and dangerous alleys” are not. (Andrea Hernandez 2003). They also expect that the average drug dealer is an unhygienic person but is not in most cases. In most school even the well best dressed, clean looking and next door cutest face is the average drug dealer. This is just to show everybody of what drugs have made and become within School.

Students are using drugs in order to get a relaxed feeling for school. A senior has admitted to smoking marijuana before attending class in the morning to escape the...