Finance Research Project

Finance Research Project

Group Project - Research / Interview

Purpose / Goal of the Group Project: To research, interview a person, and identify common practices, methodologies, technology, and considerations used in companies today. To expand our understanding of the basic theories discussed in classes, and to learn how they are applied in a variety of firms / industries / countries.

Grade: 15% of total grade, with the same grade shared by each member of the group. The grade will be based on both the presentation and the submitted materials, and will be based on the scope and depth of the research, interviews, and industry analysis.

Presentation: The grade will be based on a formal powerpoint group presentation during the week of May 16th, for 30 minutes, with each member talking an equal amount of time (approximately).

Materials submitted to the professor: Each group is required to submit by email, the powerpoint slides used in the presentation, and additional research in both written and spreadsheet form. All materials are are to be emailed (or handed in) to the professor by due date, for everyone, no exceptions. If you have a conflict, you must notify me in advance, and you may be allowed to present earlier (but not later).

Topics covered:
The interview questions and research will include most of the following: financial statement and ratio analysis, cash and working capital, operating cash flows, project analysis, break even calculations (fixed vs. variable costs), corporate governance and financial markets. To prepare for the interview, please review the class material and chapters 1 - 5, and also do advance research on the company / industry.

General Requirements of the Group Project:
Groups of 3 is recommended, or you may work individually.
Find a person (or preferably more than 1 person) that works in the finance area of a company that you can interview for at least 20 minutes. The more time you interview, or the more people you interview, the...

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