Finances at Crisis Pregnancy Center

Finances at Crisis Pregnancy Center

The introduction is a background of The Crisis Pregnancy Center. It is going to tell how some of the funding is collected and gives a brief history of The Crisis Pregnancy Center.

Wikipedia(2008) Crisis Pregnancy Center, also known as pregnancy resource centers, are non-profit

organizations established by pro-life supporters that work to persuade pregnant women to give birth

rather than have an abortion. Most Crisis Pregnancy Centers in the United States are usually affiliated

with pro-life Christian organizations; two such organizations are Care Net and Heartbeat International.

Some Crisis Pregnancy Centers operates as para church organization, and function within the

guidelines of the associated church.

Those who staff Crisis Pregnancy Centers typically advise women against aborting, and promote

continuing the pregnancy, followed by parenting or adoption. This advice typically aligned with the

Christian denomination with which the center's staff members are affiliated. About a quarter of Crisis

Pregnancy Center's conduct sonograms as a way to persuade women not to abort. Crisis Pregnancy

Centers are distinct from pregnancy options counseling, which offers secular, medically-based

information about choices concerning pregnancy, including information about aborting.(Wikipedia,2008).

Naral Pro-Choice Maryland Fund(2008) states that Crisis Pregnancy Centers receive funds from a

variety of sources, depending on the state in which they operate. They are financed primarily by

religious organizations, individual churches, and individual donors. According to Maryland CPC

annual report, 2005 revenue came from the following sources: 30 percent Individuals; 20 percent

Churches and Groups; 16 percent Fund raising and Interest; 19 percent Designated Gifts; and 15

percent Grants. In many states, Crisis Pregnancy Centers also receive funds through purchasing


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