Financial Disparity Affect Friendship

Financial Disparity Affect Friendship

Will financial disparity affect friendship? Many economists and psychologists have been arguing this topic for a long time. However, they couldn't reach an unanimous conclusion. Such an agonizing question. From my point of view, it does. Just like the old sayings: birds of the same feather flock together. Your education, be it compulsory or family, your recreational activities, or even your moral ethics will determine the friends you hang out with. And all these elements attribute to your financial incomings.

Let me take an example of our Tom's Project. As I said before, I don't like this activity due to multiple reasons. One of the reason is that I have to boost team members' solidarity. Because three of the members are my bosom friends, they support me all the way unconditionally. And what about the other two members? I'm afraid due to our financial status, we never really got to know each other and thus we were merely nodding acquaintances. When reaching the time of jobs allotment and sales promotion, the relationship between our four members and they two plummeted to the frozening point. The excuses were as followings: going home(to spend time with fiance), part-time jobs(to earn money), too shy to know how to sell things(because always isolated from other people and always staring at the computer)..The excuses obviously reflect how their financial disparity comparing with us affected their decision, morality and eventually our friendships.

Furthermore, I know that different people have different ambitions, to be a desperate housewife or to be an independent career woman, to be short-sighted at the immediate money or be long-term aim at solid connection and personal morality. So nobody can deny that these ambitions are attributed to eduction, recreation and social circles. Now we get back to the original premise: financial disparity affects friendship.

But that's not all the case. If two people attract to each other because of mutual interests...

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