Financial Planning

Financial Planning

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a partner in a firm of financial advisers, who specialise in personal financial planning. You have been approached for advice by Mr Philip Lewis. He graduated five years ago with a degree in electrical engineering. He has been with his current employer since he graduated.

During Mr Lewis’ first appointment, a fact find was completed (reproduced in Appendix 1). The following notes were made to supplement补充 the information given:

• The client has bought into a range of shares and other investment products since he left university. There does not appear to be any long term plan guiding purchases of investment products.

• Gilts金边债券 were purchased shortly after graduation because of their low risk. The holdings are Treasury 6 per cent 2028 (nominal value £2,500).

• The OEIC holding was purchased 3 years ago following a friend’s recommendation, and consists of 700 shares in the New Europe A Acc OEIC managed by JP Morgan Asset Management. The client has not kept track of its performance and questions whether it should be sold. He remembers reading about the success of the Fidelity China Special Situations Investment Trust and has asked for an opinion on this alternative.

• The client purchased shares in utility companies in September 2008, believing these would be both risk and recession proof.

The holdings are:

a) 250 shares Drax
b) 150 shares Severn Trent

He has questioned whether he should focus on just one share. Alternatively, should he dispose of his entire shareholding and invest elsewhere?

• The client recently inherited继承 £50,000 following the death of a close relative. This was placed in a building society savings account. The low return being earned in this account was the main factor persuading the client to seek financial advice.

• The client indicated he did not wish to put the money he inherited at risk. However, he feels that his savings could work harder for him.

• He would like to save towards...

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