Financial Psychology Questionnaire

Financial Psychology Questionnaire

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Money Relationship:

Since I mostly circled “A” for the statements in Worksheet 1.1, it shows that my

relationship with money is “You value money for the security it provides.” To a

certain extent, I think the result can truly reflect my relationship with money. I

am a person who desires staying in a stable situation. Changing environment

frequently or leaving things unplanned will make me feel anxious. In my view,

money can fulfill security needs in life by helping us to maintain living

standards. For example, money is needed for survival.

2. Personal values:

After finishing the Worksheet 1.2, I find that the values which I consider the

most significantly when making decisions on a career choice are contentment,

economic security, family, fitness, integrity, security and stability. The result can

positively associated with my money relationship, especially for economic

security and stability. As I am a security seeker in money personality, I always

avoid taking risks when making choices for a career.

3. Vision:

My vision is to plan for a secure future life so that I do not need to worry about

financial crisis. Also, I will be able to pay all the bills.

4. Mission:

To be financially responsible such as to pay bills on time in order to avoid facing

financial crisis. Set up financial and investment plan to make sure the future life

is taken good care of. Spend money until a sum of salary is put away for

retirement or life insurance.

Long Term Goals:

1st Long Term Goal: Buy a flat when reaching the age of 32

2nd Long Term Goal: Maintain good relationship with family members

Part II: A saving plan to achieve your long term financial goal in Part I

Saving Target For Long Term Goal:

According to the price list of the Mont Vert Phase I, a flat with 438 sq.ft. is sold

at $2,390,800 in 2015. Assumed that the inflation rate is 3% annually for the

next 10...

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