Financial Ratios

Financial Ratios

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Term project
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Sekerbank is a leading Turkish bank offering different banking solutions and services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) market. The bank was founded in 1953 as Pancar cooperative bank to offer financial solutions to the producers of sugar beet. The bank is categorized under green financing in the finance sector with an employee base of over 3,500. Its major business areas are Europe and central Asia with over 270 branches. Charles Gregson is the chairman of the board of directors while Paul Stobart is the chief executive officer as per the 2012 financial report. Sekerbank was voted the most transparent bank in the year 2012. The bank is also one of the 11 banks of turkey ranked as one of the most valuable banking brand in the world.
Borusan is a foundation that aims at modernization of turkey through the creation of projects in the education, culture and arts sectors. The foundation was founded in 1992 by Asım Kocabıyık. The projects developed are in with environmental protection and sustainability of the global ecosystem. The foundation also has a loan facility that empowers women to set up businesses. The firm also has interests in the telecommunication sector.
Liquidity ratios
The liquidity ratios present the ability of the firm to satisfy its short-term obligations as they arise. They are classified into current ratio and quick ratio. The current ratio is the ratio between current assets to current liabilities while the quick ratio is the ratio between the difference of current assets and inventory to the current liabilities.

The ratios for the banking sector are presented in the table below:
Company Industry Sector
Quick Ratio (MRQ) - 0.0 0.12
Current Ratio (MRQ) - 0.0 3.36
The ratios for Borusan foundation are shown below:

Quick Ratio (MRQ) -3.5
Current Ratio (MRQ) 1.04

A current ratio approximately two is acceptable, and a quick ratio of greater or equal to 1 is...

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