Fine Arts

Fine Arts

For my writing assignment I chose to look further into Alberto Giacometti and Donald Sultans works of art, their styles and a little bit of back ground information regarding the two historical artists.
I will first start with Alberto Giacometti:

1) Artists name, year of birth, country of birth, textbook page where the artist is mentioned?
Alberto Giacometti, he was born on October 10, 1901,  in the country of Switzerland, he and his art work are mentioned in the textbook on page 62.

2) Complete website on which I found the information on Alberto Giacometti?

3) His primary means of media?

4) Two locations where the artist work is currently or has recently been displayed?
One location being The Art Institute of Chicago located in Chicago, IL the other location being the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art in Charlotte, NC. Both locations have his art work displayed currently.

5) Write a short paragraph on why this artist interests you?
Alberto Giacometti interests me because his style of art work in interesting take the “Man Pointing” for example after reading the description the text book has written, to me this piece is a authoritative piece and yet leave the imagination to not only what is being pointed at but the space between both hands of the sculpture. Also after research of some of his other pieces of art they are very interesting and similar to the type of art work that when I see it I will usually either buy it or at least take a couple glances at.

6) Locate on the internet that one piece of the artist work that is not found in A World of Art?
One piece of Alberto Giacometti s' art that is not in the text book is “ Head of Father” this art piece is made of plaster, the content of this piece is just as the title of the piece says it is a plaster head that Giacometti created in regards to his father. The website I found this piece and many others is...

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